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Anytime you are moving here in the Las Vegas area or out-of-state there are many things that must be done in order to make the move a successful one. Not everything revolves around packing, loading, unloading and so on and generally there are many things that must take place for a smooth transition in to your new place.

One of the best ways to be certain that you get everything done is one of the most simple and oft forgotten methods and that is to make a list.

We make lists for shopping, for travel plans, to do lists and more, but many times, when a commercial or residential move is taking place it is done in a sort of "fly by night" manner that in most cases results in things being lost, misplaced and sometimes really turning something that should be easy in to quite a large hassle.

When starting your list make sure to have days set aside for packing. Proper packing is a very important part of your move and can save you a lot of heartache if done correctly. The more time you give for packing, with days allocated for it, the less haste you will be doing it in and the job will be done correctly. Make a list of what you are packing and how you want to go about it, what kind of packing materials and boxes you need and purchase them in advance to get your early start.

If you are using a truck rental company also be sure plan booking your truck in advance by adding this to your list. Make reservations with plenty of time to spare as trucks can be sold out and the price can go up the closer you get to your moving date.

You will want to write down all of the equipment you will need in your move, like a dolly, blankets and bungee cords to keep things from moving while you are en route to your new place.

If you are using a professional Las Vegas moving company many of the things you need to do (packing, loading and unloading, driving and travel time) will be taken care of for you. While this is a great alternative for a smooth move you want to stay on top of everything. Keep all important information with you and be sure that the moving company sticks to the schedule that you have arranged.

No mater how you choose to move you will want to add calling all utility companies to your list, as well as filling out change of address forms. The last thing you need is for the power to go out days before you leave, or be left on for months after you've gone, allowing other to use electricity on your dime. You will also want to contact the water company, the city for any trash collections, if you have an HOA you will want to inform them of your move and every other company that you make monthly payments to in regards to the home you are vacating. Lack of calling and making arrangements with any of these can be costly and take a toll on your move. Likewise, be sure that all of your utilities are set up prior to moving in to your new home whether here in Las Vegas or a long distance move in another state.

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